Our pricing guide features a minimum suggested budget per guest, for each event type and service method. We hope this will help you in the initial stages of planning, but please remember that all events are custom designed to suit your individual needs.

Deposit of 20% of event cost is required at time of booking. Deposit is 100% refundable up until 30 days prior to the event. The deposit is non-refundable for cancellations after this date. The full balance must be paid 7 days prior to the event.

Event Types

Weddings and Formal Events

Weddings and formal events are priced at $80 per guest and up. Most of our weddings fall in around $120 per guest.

Parties and Casual Events

Parties and casual events are priced from $30 per guest, but can be as high as $180 per guest, depending on the level of service you require.

Personal Chef Service

Personal chef service is billed at $45 per hour, plus receipts. This includes all travel and shopping time.

Food Service

Plated Service

For plated service, food is cooked a la minute, and we plate and serve all guests at once. For the same budget, plated service gives your clients less choice than food stations. Plated service has the highest staffing requirements. Plated service starts around $80 per guest.

Food Station Service

Food stations offer the best bang for your buck. Food stations provide entertainment and interaction, and the most selections for your guests. Staffing requirements are lower than for plated service. Food station service starts around $70 per guest.

Buffet Service

Buffet service suits low budget or last minute events. It offers your guests a variety of food selections, and has the lowest staffing requirements. For budgets under $30 per guest, we offer drop off buffet service.

Passed Appetizer Service

Passed appetizer service is an inexpensive option. We’re not providing a full meal, so food costs are generally low, and staffing requirements are moderate. Passed appetizer service starts around $30 per guest.


Full Service

For full service catering, we coordinate rentals, staff and entertainment. Because we choose suppliers we know and trust, you get the best pricing and the most reliable service. Using Cater To Me as a full service company gives you a turnkey event planning solution: We can help you manage the total cost for your event.

Catering Only

Catering only service can be a great solution for simple, low budget events, or for event planners who wish to coordinate things themselves. We can help you manage costs for the catering portion of the event.