Event Types

Weddings and Formal Events

Weddings and formal events should be remembered for a lifetime.

We recommend a staffing ratio of 8-10 guests per server. This allows us to focus on perfecting every detail of the experience: We artfully prepare your dishes, provide attentive personal service, and keep the area immaculately clean throughout the event.

For an exceptional culinary experience, ingredients must be top quality. We buy from local farmers and use organic ingredients wherever possible. For formal events, we may have specific recommendations for ingredients, such as high grade Ahi, giant prawns, or premium local free range beef.

Variety is a key factor in ensuring all your guests enjoy themselves. For a wedding with 150 guests, we’ll commonly set up 4 food stations, around 6 protein choices, and 9-12 additional choices, with side dishes, salads and condiments.

For formal events we use only top quality glassware, plateware and stainless flatware.

Of course, everything is designed custom to suit your individual tastes.

Parties and Casual Events

For parties and casual events, we focus on creating a fun atmosphere, rather than respecting traditions or protocol.

Food is often served from one large food station. Where parties are hosted in the client’s home, we often create a spread using the dining room table. This offers a casual dining experience, where guests can eat at their leisure.

Anything goes at your own private party, and we can be quite flexible with budget and service requirements.

We cater all kinds of parties and private events, for example:

  • Christmas Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations

Personal Chef Service

Personal Chef service is often requested by guests vacationing in Hawaii. We discuss which days you’ll need food prepared, and what you’d like to eat. Your meals are prepared by Christian Schneider, master chef with over 25 years in business, third generation restauranter, AS from Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Learn more about Christian on our contact page.

Food Service

Plated Service

Plated service is a sit down meal with anywhere from 2-4 courses. With plated service, your guests don’t have to get up and go to food stations. They are waited on as they would be in a fine dining restaurant.

Food Station Service

Food station is a station where certain items are prepared fresh. For example, carved meats may be prepared at one station, and tempura vegetables at another. Food stations provide an interactive experience where guests can watch their food being prepared, and ask questions directly to the chef.

Buffet Service

Food items are prepared in advance, and served from chafing dishes. This gives your guests a selection of items, and requires minimal staffing. Buffet service is appropriate for lower budgets, or more casual events.

Passed Appetizer Service

Passed Appetizer service means every food item is easy to handle. Our servers pass appetizers from trays or baskets, each morsel is only one or two bites. Your guests don’t have to handle plates; seating and tables may not be required. Passed Appetizer service is often requested for events of shorter duration.


Full Service

When our clients call for full service, we work together to coordinate an entire event, including rentals, food and staffing. Our 25 years in business means we can help you find the best live music and entertainment, and the most reliable sources for everything from plateware, glassware and flatware to tents, tables, chairs and linens.

We often help clients organize:

  • Flowers
  • Entertainment (musicians and dancers)
  • Karaoke
  • Valet Service
  • Massage Service
  • Rentals
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Audio and Video
  • Photography
  • Ice Delivery
  • Portable Bathrooms
  • Transportation

Catering Only

Often our jobs include rentals and subcontracting, to make the organization process more efficient. However, we do many jobs where we just provide food, or food and staff only. This method suits some professional event planners, or clients planning last minute events.